Thursday, April 9, 2009

Langpo in NZ, kind of.

There's stuff about me here. Yep, I'm stroking my ego. The origins of said stuff are here, then moving to here.

on a only-very-slightly related note, interesting stuff going on here, especially regaring avant-gardism, the grotesque, poetics of excess etc etc.


maps said...

Are you very familiar with the history of brief/A Brief History of the Whole World Ross? It's a pity that geographical distance seems to have stopped you from contributing to/engaging with the journal. There haven't been many people making the sort of arguments you make up in Auckland for some time now. That's a pity because you make your points with real conviction.

Ross Brighton said...

Yeah, i am. I've submitted some stuff for the latest iddue, but havn't heard back- I may have been given the wrong email adress by Brett Cross (Titus Books). They're probably one of the only mags in NZ that'd be interested in my work, though i've sent some stuff to several art mags (Hue & Cry, PRIX CHOC, etc). Most of my submissions have been overseas, the US or places like Otoliths.