Thursday, September 10, 2009

Two things

"....their writing is [...] a space where the Cartesian model of mind and body breaks down"
- An interview with Johannes Göransson over at HTMLGIANT. He mentions me, which feels really weird.

And I'm working on Grant/Residency.Scholarship applications at the moment, and thinking "how are people who generally give stuff to VUP novelists and the like going to react to me essentially saying "I want you to give me money to stick words together, regardless of anything, just based on the fact that it sounds cool, like Jazz" (self-caricature, but probably how they're going to react I fear).

Any pointers? Anyone?


Kate Durbin said...

I have no advice, as I seem to be horrible at winning these sorts of things myself. My poems have too many cunts in them. Good luck though! I'm sure you can come up w/ some kind of b.s. That's what those who win seem to do, eh?

Ross Brighton said...

Thanks Kate - I do try.
I'll keep sloggging on, I supose....

Ross Brighton said...

And speaking of Genitalia, my reivw of Lara Glenum's Maximum Gaga is in the next Brief, v. soon (along with some other reviews and poems).

When it's gone to print I'll post it here.

Kate Durbin said...

Cool Ross--I look forward to reading those things!