Saturday, May 15, 2010

particularly unconventional

I just got mentioned on Canadian Radio. Emma Healey, editor-in-chief of the Incongruous Quarterly, was asked on "Here and Now" on CBS's Radio One, about any "particularly unconventional" submission that they'd recieved - their mission is to "publish the unpublishible". She just emailed me saying that my submission, all 150 of Shakespeare's sonnets run through a bank or randomisers and algorythms, was "one of the first that sprang to mind." I'm very happy to have that dubious honour. Go Inconguous Quarterly!


Rachel Fenton said...

Wey hey! Congratulations!

Ross Brighton said...

Thanks Rachel!

maps said...

Ha! Why don't you post a couple of the sonnets for us? Does one have to be an IT whizz to do what you did?