Sunday, September 5, 2010


Ok so I've got three things forthcoming. My latest volume, /K/:HAVEDONEWITH will be out by the end of the year (hopefully) from June Gloom, a new micropress in Christchurch run by the wonderful Timothy J Andrew. I would trust anyone with a tattoo of Arthur Rimbaud with my life, trusting him with my work comes naturally. The book is a long poem drawing from a mutilated text of Artaud's "Pour En Finir Avec La Jugement De Dieu".

I'm also publishing a small volume, tentatively entitled Draft from "Birds" as part of my (BA) Honours dissertation in an edition of 26 hand-lettered copies. I'm not sure how much they'll cost yet, but if you're interested chuck me an email.

Lastly, I've been asked to take part in the latest Dusie Kollektiv, which is really awesome, I'm a big fan. Susana Gardener is one of that rare breed of super-awesome people. I've got a manuscript lined up called Tempral Maze Denture. I'm proud of that title.

So stay tuned. I may have quietened down on the blogging front, but there's still things happening.


Rachel Fenton said...

Hey, best of luck with these - great to hear what you're up to - and good luck with your donations gadget! Brilliant!

Ross Brighton said...

Thanks Rachel.
No luck on that front as of yet, but I'm applying for scholarships and CNZ money, so maybe there :)