Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Week

Thurs: Goodbye Blue Monday, 6:00 Tony De Lautour launches the catalog for his recent retrospective at the Pysics Room.

Fri: GBBM, 6:30 My booklauch. Details above.

Sun: International Knit in Public Day! The Dux De Lux 11:00

___ The Basement Poetic! part of the Lyttelton Festival of Lights. ___snuggle down by the open fire and listen to guest poets recite ___ their own work. Have a go yourself with the open mic, groovy ___ tunes and cash bar.
___The Basement @ 33a London St, entrance off London St under ___the ‘Nice People Only” sign, down the stairs it‘s on your right, ___ 6pm $5 entry


Farrah Field said...

What are you going to be knitting during knit in public day?

Ross Brighton said...

I'm not sure - my knitting skills leave much to be desired, I'm afraid. Something at least.

Ross Brighton said...

worked on a scarf. Not particularly original, I know, but it's about 10" wide.