Thursday, June 18, 2009


Alistair Patterson: Africa - Coming soon from the Press. After printing, will post here.
Chris Price: The Blind Singer - Also for the Christchurch Press.
David Lyndon Brown: Skin Hunger.

From Action Books:
Lara Glenum: Maximum Gaga.
Sand Florian: The Tree of No.
Aase Berg: Remainland: Selected Poems. Trans. by Johannes Göransson.

Short write-ups, or longer (if I have time) on:
Mark Young: The Lunch Poems
Farrah Field: Rising
Johannes Göransson: In Praise of Virgins & Pilot: Johann the Carousel Horse.

My review of Ted Jenner's Writers in Residence and other Captive Fauna is forthcoming from Scoop.

I also have a poem forthcoming in November's issue of Reconfigurations.

And Rauan Klassnik has given me a plug here.


Tim Jones said...

Congratulations on getting into "Reconfigurations", Ross - not an easy gig to land (I didn't!)

Ross Brighton said...

Thanks Tim - I was a little shocked when I got the email. Though I have more trouble getting into the more "normal" mags. I guess the lesson is "write weirder".