Thursday, October 22, 2009

Self and Interconnectivity

Over at Mez's blog (_knot404_):

"The self that results is actively defined in terms of its connections and
associations, in varying degrees of intimacy and intensity. The emphasis
is not on person but persona: as Mez Breeze has suggested, this self is
an assembly generated through clusters of distributed identity markers,
which does not add up to stable meanings or groundlevel actualities
because it also coalesces in terms of the volume, degree and intensity of
its connections. Less a reductive experientiality than a connective

-Jordan Crandall, Artivistic 2009 Lecture.

She's got a piece in the latest Brief (as do I), and it's got me very interested.

The piece linked to in there is very interesting. Recommended. (hence the link).

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