Friday, April 23, 2010


Amy is doing the good work of puctuation. She's breaking art. People probably don't like her [that bitch] becuase the ideas of the aesthetic the sacred the objective QUALITY get knocked about in the tussle. "I would publish more women/fags/indigenous writers if their wor was good enough" here's the page.
and what I said
bearing in mind I'm not quite here as it's 2am the day has been caffine and nicotine and milton and johnson with theory as a condiment


God damn all this talk of “gender blindness”, “language over body” “quality” etc makes me ill.
“women can’t paint; women can’t write” [VW, to the lighthouse] I suppose that goes for crazies (and dykes can’t fuck w the heteronormative either)
it implies that vaginas get in the way of writing well if you look for quality and don’t publish girls
same agenda as assimilationism
erasure of difference
fucking easy if your on the side with the bigger stick (so to speak)
heh the biopower of writing
(necropower of erasure?)

why is the aesthetic homogenising, a hegemony?
aren’t people who break that awesome?
Joyce, woolf, genet, guyotat, mansfield if she’d lived long enough
killed the novel – it comes out of the ashes something new, with blood on its face, and eyes aflame – what if that never happened?

all of this shows the fact that poeple get really uncomfortable about reading difference, reading
poems (or whatever) that aren’t mirrors (if I want that I’ll go to the bathroom)
I want poems to break me
(and amys do)

ignore this is the rant of a crazy if you want i should be asleep but no.
do i make sense myself clear? [cf end of preceding line]

I love you all.


Rachel Fenton said...

this relates more to your last post...anyway, thought of you when I listened it...

I feel very stimulated and uplifeted by your rant!

Ross Brighton said...


Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Hiya Ross,

You can come across to my site if you'd like. It's not spam.

And you'd never believe what the word verification for this comment is: Vaginalk

That's fitting for the post, hey?

Take care & All My Best, Shane.

Andrea said...

Thought the rant was great as well! When you hear about some things - it's almost as if a hundred or so years of art and literature never happened. The same conservitism seems to reappear and reappear. So these rants are always neccessary even if it's kind of a shame that that is the case.

Ross Brighton said...

I know I know.... sigh.
thanks for the vote of confidence though <3

Rachel Fenton said...

Just to degenerate your post into infantile humour (mine), I wanted to tell you I had been puzzling over your emoticon for days! However, I am now Wiki-versed in the full spectrum of symbols and I was struck by how similar the symbol for love is to that for penis. It's like algebra: heart equals penis. Blame my ramblings on my lack of sleep!

Ross Brighton said...

Oh dear.
And so much work has been done in the attempt to free us from the regime of phallocentricity....
Freud would be proud. Cixous, not so much