Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kristeva, Psychosis, Text.

“What Kristeva brings, in a manifold way, into direct relation with (the language of) psychosis is not the pre-oedipal abjection that is constitutive for the subject, but the post-oedipal modes in which the constituted subject strives to repudiate the repudiation that founds it and to seek out, once again, a connection with the corps maternel. For here, the jouissance of the primary process prevails against the reality principal of the symbolic order and thus entails the danger of a “psychotic” disintegration of ego and (paternal) world. To this extent, the literature of the “abject” – for Kristeva, the cardinal form of such second-order repudiation – is structurally psychotic” (Menninghaus, Winfried. Disgust: the Theory and History fo a Strong Sensation. Trans Howard Eiland and Joel Golb. Albany: SUNY Press 2003. 375)

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