Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a Collaboration with Jeff Crouch

So Jeff Crouch emailed me a week or so ago asking if I wanted to do a collaboration (more of his work: in Moria, collab. wiht Diana Magallon; Poems in Abjective, pics on Flickr through Jim Leftwich's TEXTIMAGEPOEM).

Here's a sample of the results (from my poem "Birds").


Andrea said...

I really like these. Collaborations are always cool, especially those that involve different art forms.

Rachel Fenton said...

Hi Ross, been meaning to pop over and thank you for your comments on my blog, and now Andrea has given me a good reason to!

I was particularly drawn to the second piece, I thought the words were a perfect fit for each other and I love the line "has a much less voice" - that's a way of writing that I like to use.

It's great that you have collaborated with such positive results.

I'll be back again to

Ross Brighton said...

Thanks for the kind words rachael!

Hopefully the whole piece is going to be published as an e-chap.

The whole piece, and another one that I've sent Jeff, are procedural works using a variety of found texts run through randomisers and alogrithms, then pruned back, deliniated and sculpted. It's a larger-scale version of the works that I had in Brief, and some of those techniques were used in the piece in Otoliths as well.

I also love that second image, it's great.