Thursday, November 5, 2009


is up now.

Special section on Canadian writers, edited by François Luong.
At a glance I'm very impressed with the work by
glenN robsoN.


Andrea said...

Those poems are very good and the zine as a whole looks interesting. There are quite a few online poetry zines I'd never heard of before, but I'm pleased to have discovered them via your links!

Ross Brighton said...

They're great, and publish great stuff through Action Books as well (like the two I reviewed).
I've also got three poems in the next (Dec/Jan) issue.
Other online mags I love are Otoliths, Jacket, EAOGH and 5_trope, and the Light and Dust anthology project is fantastic as well.

Kate Durbin said...

I've just glanced through this issue so far, but the Canadian work looks really exciting. I am especially pleased that Francois seems to be publishing a lot of young writers who don't have books yet, and it looked like what some of them were doing was pretty wild.

françois said...


Thanks for the kind words, but of all the people in this Canadian feature, only cris costa does not have a book. Sarah Dowling did not have one either, but now does (Security Posture, Snare Books, a press from Montréal).


Kate Durbin said...


I confess that though I glanced through most of the work, I only quickly scanned about four of the bios. I know I saw costa's and robsoN's (who, looking at it again, has a chap forthcoming--missed that before).

In any case, I stand corrected, though it doesn't change my thoughts on the issue itself of course. It looks great.