Monday, November 2, 2009

I've just added a lot to my already massive blogroll (down the side there) - but there is so much amazing writing/writing about writing/post-writing (I'm not sure what else to call it - vispo and the like) out there. Check out, especially, The New Post-literate, mIEKAL aND's work here, Reed Altemus and Ross Priddle. (New Links came from here - there are more).

Two other online poets who I have been following for some time, and whose work is amazing, are John M Bennett and Lanny Quarles (Lanny has another blog here).

I also just ordered a copy of the Late Great Leigh Davis' Willy's Gazette (The Jack Books reprint) off Abebooks - The first copy I've ever seen for sale (though maybe there are copies floating around up north). I'm eagerly awaiting it's arrival.


maps said...

Late, certainly, but was that poet laurete of neo-liberalism Leigh Davis great? I'm giving him a few weeks out of a misplaced sense of propriety before I write my obituary.

Ross Brighton said...

I'm speaking in terms of poetry here. He was a great poet. I'm not willing to make personal jedgements, as I never met the guy - suffice to say that I disagree with his politics - but the poetry is fantastic.
Do we through Pound in the trash because of his distasteful politics? I don't mean that rhetoricallyy either - serious question.

phaneronoemikon said...

Thanks Ross!

Just biding my time
until I get my next mochi snack..


maps said...

I don't think the poetry is any good, and I think the flaws in the poetry are linked intimately to the flaws in the politics - just as the flaws in The Cantos are linked to the flaws in Pound's Cantos. I argued this case a little at:

I intend to do something longer on the guy when I get the chance.

Maybe we should do 'pro' and 'con' pieces about Davis for SRB and/or RTM?

Ross Brighton said...

Could do - I'm still waiting on the book as the bookseller misplaced it. He's trying to find it, though it may be permanently dissapeared.
Some of it isn't that good, and has dated a bit, but the "Einstein Taught me Physics" sequence is fantastic. Shows a real attention to Steinian (the other Ein-who-is-not-Ein; the Just-Stein) repetition. I think they're truely beautiful.