Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eleanor Catton's The Rehersal

Congratulations to my friend from school (oh-so-very long ago) Eleanor Catton, whose debut novel The Rehersal has won the best first book (fiction) catagory of the Montana New Zealand Book Awards.


Andrea said...

Yeah, The Rehearsal is such a great book - so great that she won. Perhaps your book will be in the Montana's next year.

They should perhaps make a small press category in it if they are thinking of making changes.

Ross Brighton said...

Ele is fantastic. I haven't read the novel yet, but I've read a couple of short stories, and am jealous. The only story I've written that has worked is the one in Prima Storia.

The book awards are a strange animal - Joanna Preston has an interesting post on the subject here:
and how the costs involved in entering are often prohibitive for small-press publishers.

I think I may have to wait until I (fingers crossed) get a collection picked up by a University Press - and I have a feeling my work is a bit too out there even for AUP, let alone VUP or someone like that.