Monday, July 13, 2009

Jenifer Evans: The Final Narcissistic Works + PAINTLUST PROJECT SPACE NZ CLOSING NIGHT

I just got this in my inbox- please do come down. It should be a good show.

One night only – TUESDAY 14th July 2009 from 5pm

Paintlust is proud to present the final exhibition at Paintlust Project Space, Christchurch, New Zealand with a solo project by English artist Jenifer Evans. This project has been conceived specifically for the Paintlust space, and marks the final exhibition in the current New Zealand incarnation of Paintlust. The installation includes drawings, books, and two films- ‘On Second Thoughts, Eddie!’ made by Jason Dungan, Jenifer Evans, Claire Hooper, Eddie Peake, Paul Richards, Guy Rusha, Gili Tal and Joseph Walsh, and a short film by Evans called ‘Animation to Avoid Closure’. Evans graduated from the Royal College of Art with a MA in Painting in 2007 and is represented by RITTER/ZAMET in London.

‘The works are the last gasp of a joyfully narcissistic practice. I’m the girl in gold in the film, a boxer and artist in the drawings, while the animated interval documents my studio over a period of 3 months and the Catalogue Raisonne Volume 1: 1985-2007contains work, notes and photographs I made from the age of 3 to 25. The drawings are presented as equally important as the film, and equally dramatically. You can’t be distracted by the moving images while looking at the still ones, and the film is a soundtrack for the drawings, giving these final self-portraits a cinematic air.’ -Jenifer Evans 2009


Paintlust is an international artist collective with members from NZ, Korea, Taiwan, and Spain. Paintlust Project Space will exist in NZ until mid-July 2009, and during this time will show a mix of international and local artists. Paintlust aims to promote practices that explore new possibilities in contemporary painting, against a time in which location and nationality do not necessarily go hand in hand.



Level 1, 129b Manchester Street


New Zealand

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