Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SALT summer sizzler!

Courtesy of John Gallaher at Nothing to say & saying it:

August Summer Sizzler

The JustOneBook campaign continues with a further sensational August deal. In order to keep Salt on track through the wet British summer, we're offering you another special deal throughout August. All Salt books are available from us at 33% discount yet again. That's a third off all Salt titles, and free shipping on orders with a cover price of over £30 or $30.

Offer ends 31 August 2009. Simply enter the coupon code HU693FB2 when in the store to benefit.

As before, all we ask is two things—

1. Buy one book. Or perhaps another one ... go on.
2. Pass it on. Share this offer with everyone who loves gorgeous books and likes a bargain (whilst saving independent literature).


They've published some very good stuff -
Bruce Andrews - Designated Hearbeat
Caroline Bergvall - Fig

And I think there's some Tom Beckett there.

Addenda: I just remembered they also have Michele Leggott's Milk and Honey, published in NZ by AUP. It's a goodie too.


Farrah Field said...

While in London earlier this year, I attended a really fun reading hosted by Salt. The Salt poets were competing with Donut poets. There was a breakdancing competition during the break.

Ross Brighton said...

That sounds awesome! who are Donut?
I've also added the title they published by Michele Leggott to the post, which is pretty good as well.