Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Post what now?

"This is my argument with the post-avant in poetry: the (alleged) “edge” is not singular, nor a platonic form or an oversoul, but that there are many “edges” displacing and reharmonizing, bleeding into each other and tangling, spilling over the very concepts of themselves. “edge,” to those of the post-avant (neo-avant) in poetry, is a new disjunct, a re-territorialization, whereas to my view (which you can call postcolonial or postmodern if it helps you, though I call it “pre-nothing”) is one of deterritorialization, reharmonization, and breaking the edges and linearity."

I'm really sorry for posting nothing but links recently, but have been busy drowning in a sea of various writings and projects. New stuff in the works. Will be here soon.


Jared said...

I prefer to be pre-birth (I was born exhausted, ala Beckett) or a post-post-neo-avant-conservative-radical. Thinking about POSTing this on my blog but alas, it seems like i beat myself to it. There seems to be a delay - am I then 'post' my own intentionality!? Or, now that I'm aware of it, perhaps I'm now post-pre awareness of my own belatedness.

Jared said...

...damn that noisey trunk outside on the street!

Jared said...

Wait, I don't remember posting any of the above comments. That is to say, I'm only now aware of these posts post me actually posting them.

Wait, I DO now remember posting the above comments. That is to say, I'm aware of the posts post me actually posting them, although, judging by the post above wherein I claim not to remember posting them, I was not seeming aware of posting these posts previously.