Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Last night I was thinking about [Lady Gaga]'s sexuality, and the relation of that to discources on evolutionary biology (God I can't believe how ridiculous that sounds, especially if taken out of context), such as Dawkins' dogma of the selfish gene, and how she destroys that (though not only her) - Fame is fetishised and sexualised (and sex is as well), but as means of self-erasure..."

[me in the comment stream over at Kate Durbin's blog. I'm quite proud]


Kate Durbin said...

"I don't believe there are any misconceptions about me. I am who you perceive me to be."

Oh, and she took the "no pants" to a whole new level.

Ross Brighton said...

That is one of the best quotes ever. Fantastic starting point; and the paradox of the use of the "I", and the embeded "I am" - in a assurtion of not 'existence', but some sort of meta- or super-existence