Saturday, February 13, 2010

Recent Books I Love.

I didn't do a "best of 2009" or any such thing, so here's something informal.
I love all these books massively, and highly recommend them to anyone.

Alan Loney - Day's Eye (Rubicon Press)
Susana Gardner - [Lapsed Insel Weary] (the tangent press)
Sandy Florian - The Tree of No (Action Books)
Brandon Downing - Lake Antiquity (Fence Books)
Myung Mi Kim - Penury (Omnidawn)
Bruce Russell - Left Handed Blows: Writing on Sound (Clouds)
Michael Steven - Bartering Lines (Kilmog Press)
Joyelle McSweeney - Nylund the Sarcographer (Tarpaulin Sky)
Lara Glenum - Maximum Gaga (Action Books)

I am currently reading, and loving, The Plot Genie by By Gillian Conoley (Omnidawn) and The Black Automaton by Douglas Kearney (Fence). Both are awesome.

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