Thursday, February 18, 2010

Leaving Party (of sorts) and other stuff)

As I am flying out for Auckland on next wed (24th), there will be festivities at Goodbye Blue Monday sat (20th) eve, followed by the Tiger Tones (who are leaving too - it's their do I'm highjacking) playing at midnight (i think).

I've got a b-day barbecue in the arvo, but will endeavour to be there 8-9ish.

These organisational skills are why I'm an academic, not an engineer or surgeon.

On another note, I'm on a radio show tomorrow night (all things being equal); The Dark, Camp and evil ATROCITY EXHIBITION, where I'll be poeticising and spinning tracks of wierdness. 1-3am fri morning (or thurs eve if you're anything like me) of RDU98.5.

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