Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Also: Records for Sale/Trade

The Creatures. Boomerang LP. VG+. Wild Things 2x7” VG. Miss the Girl 7”. G.

Siouxie and the Banshees. Tinderbox LP.G.

Dali’s Car. The Waking Hour Gatefold LP G+.

Peter Murphy. Deep LP VG. Cuts You Up 12’ VG. Holy Smoke LP VG. Should the World Fail to Fall Apart LP. Sleeve worn.

Einsturzende Neubauten. Haus der Leuge LP. Reissue. EX.

Sex Gang Chldren. Song and Legend LP. VG. Sebastiane 12”, sleeve v. Worn, record fine.

David J. Joe Orton’s Wedding 12”. VG.
Christian Death. The Only Theatre of Pain LP. Reissue. VG.

Tones on Tail. Pop LP. G-VG. There’s Only One! 12”. VG.

The Young Gods. L’Eau Rouge LP. VG.

The March Violets. Natural History LP. VG.

Fields of the Nephilim. Elysium LP. VG. Earth Inferno LP. VG. Fallen LP EX. From the Fire 10’. EX. One More Nightmare/Darkcell AD 10” EX. Psychonaut 12”. VG. Moonchild 7”.

Crypt of Kerberos Cyclone of Insanity 7”

These if someone makes a good enough offer:

The Nefilim Zoon 2xLP, with engraved disc VG+. Penetration 12”.

The Leather Nun Primemover 7”

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