Thursday, January 28, 2010

I was invited to join Flowers of Sulphur a while back. It's a poetry blog. I felt a bit bad as I hadn't got around to putting anything up there, but now I have. Check it out if you want.

(it's an endless sense of amusement for me that the spellcheck in blogger tries to correct "blog". and "blogger" for that matter.)


Matt said...

i was on there for a while, then i took myself off. i doubt i could have kept it up for long.

Ross Brighton said...

I think I'm just going to be an occasional contributor - I still have a pile of review copies to get though, on top of moving - I'm a pathological overcommitter, methinks.

Andrea said...

I like the poem you posted - it makes me think of a technicolour film seen in a splintered mirror, to use a bit of a silly metaphor. Kind of the strangeness of the everyday.

It could be hard to keep up writing for a poetry blog, but it's an interesting idea.