Saturday, January 23, 2010

More great things

This time by Kate Zambreno over at the new and fantastic Frances Farmer is my Sister. Title: "Tis Pity She's A Whore: The Prostitute in Henry Miller & Sade + Best Cinematic Hookers".

Very good writing (good? that's too moral. this is destructive. Evil. Which is better. I want to cut through things.)

Kate Durbin is right in her link to Johannes' article that I also link to in the previous post:

"I think I've mentioned this on my blog before, but Exoskeleton has by far been my favorite poetry blog since I discovered it last Spring (though Frances Farmer is climbing up there too..."


Rachel Fenton said...

Thanks for the links there. Your blog is oft times a scary place becasue it reminds me of a space I once inhabited where talk was revolutionary and that is an exciting but all-consuming place to be, and more and more I need to escape not submerge myself, so it is good to dip in and out of and leave the revolution up to people like you.

Ross Brighton said...

ah, but I think it was Guy Debord who said that "every speech act is a political act".....

I'm not so much revolutionary, for the same reasons as outlined here:

What's wrong with submersion? It can be intense, but you just need to moderate things, and know when to take some time out (wich I'm learning is neccessary - I'm a pathological overworker).

I don't mean to be scary - I'd rather exciting.

Rachel Fenton said...

Exciting tends to equate to scary at times but yes I'll exchange the terms.

But you see, the trouble with reading your blog is that it's not enough, soon I shall want to read more and before I know it I'll be embroiled in the very thing I most wish to maintain an objective distance from. It nearly swallowed me once before.

I'm with you on the overworking part.

So who would you back in a game of scrabble, Jameson or Eagleton?

Kate Zambreno said...

ross - loved your comment about zelda on html giant! thanks for reading the blog (& the recent hooker post). and yeah! writing should be destructive, violent, should cut through things.

Ross Brighton said...

Thanks Kate, I think it was neccessary. Like the criticisms of the "towering literary giants" a while back for being phalo- and western-centric (though those too were brushed aside).

Racael - I'd go for Deleuze or Lyotard - they'd make up words to fit the tiles (reterritorialization, minoritarian.... I can't think of any from Lyotard at the moment, but the translator's not at the beginning of the Libidonal Economy is insane!)