Saturday, January 23, 2010

Johannes Göransson: Fasion, poetics, narrative and the politicality of aestheticism

Fantastic piece, as always. Johannes is fast becoming one of my favorite critics/theorists - in the "hip" and "inauthentic" world of the blogosphere. To poetry what Mark Fisher, Dominic Fox and Ben Woodward are to music. Excerpts:

"But I'm more interested - as everyone who reads this blog knows by now - in the use of fashion in this rhetoric, to suggest that there's a superficiality in poetry. This came out - as readers of this blog also knows - when Mark Halliday freaked out over Josh Clover's "lettrist jacket." Halliday was upset that Clover's poetry was not engaged in the real/genuine. Grieving one's father's death I think was Halliday's example. Or maybe that was my own wishful thinking because that's too perfect: "fashion" is the death of the father in some way, the end of patriarchy comes from multiplication, exchangeability, shallowness, flimsiness. That is a funny reading of Halliday. I'm pleased as pancakes."


"It seems Aesteticism is threatening. And this should explain why people are wrong when they assume aesteticism is apolitical. Or those who equate it with mere formalism."

Enough of that - read it.

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