Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our Love Will Destroy The World

Sorry for the silence - will have real stuff within the next week or so.

However this just came in from the boys at aQuarius recOrds, so anyone out there who is in SF/Bay Area, go see this show. I've seen Cambell as both BCM and Black Boned Angel, and he's incredible. so thusly:

Hi folks,
> Sorry for the electronic intrusion. This one's mainly for folks in the Bay
> Area.
> Just managed to set up a last minute show on the THE BUS, aQ pal, and
> Andee's former bandmate John Benson's amazing Bus venue, an actual converted
> city bus, with a solar powered PA, an engine that runs on vegetable oil, and
> of course plenty of room inside to cram in a bunch of folks to rock out and
> bliss out, up close and personal with the performers.
> Some of you no doubt experienced the genius that was Finland's Circle
> performing live on the bus a while back, now we're excited to announce:
> aka Campbell Kneale of Birchville Cat Motel and of course Black Boned Angel.
> Performing live, tonight, Wednesday, Jan 06th, 2010, on THE BUS. Show starts
> at 8:00 pm.
> The bus will be parked at 16th and San Bruno, under the freeway. You can't
> miss it.
> There should be a few other bands playing, who have also traveled from afar,
> we're just waiting for the confirmation, to find out more, keep an eye on
> the other aQ thingies, twitter, Myspace, all that jazz.
> But really, it hardly matters who else is playing, cuz we're just so excited
> to see OLWDTW!!!

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